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Piano Tuning  1.5 hours

This is the most common scheduling request, and covers tuning and any small repairs that can be done within the 1.5 to 2 hour time frame.  


Pianos have approximately 220 strings. Each of these need to be pulled to a standard pitch, usually A440 hz. If your piano has not been tuned in a few years, it may need a pitch correction to bring the piano to 440 before it can be fine-tuned. Generally this extra tuning is included in a standard appointment.

Cleaning / Detailed Grand Cleaning

A light cleaning is included in a standard appointment. However, pianos can get quite dusty inside after years or decades. A deep cleaning involves vacuuming the inside of the piano, removing the keys, etc.  and takes about 1/2 hour. This option can be added on to a tuning appointment.

A detailed cleaning of a grand piano includes cleaning the areas in and around the strings, polishing the soundboard, etc.

Service Call - 1/2 hour

Can include: evaluation of a piano for purchase or a small repair. 


Includes damaged or missing parts in the piano mechanism, or replacement of worn parts. I do not repair the case, but an happy to refer you to a professional who does.


A piano action contains thousands of parts. Each of these work together so that the piano plays efficiently. Regulation involves aligning all the parts so that the piano plays optimally, and takes several hours. 

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